Why have a wedding film?

Owning a wedding film to cherish and enjoy forever is a fantastic way to relive your greatest day. Having a moving image together with sound can evoke so many powerful emotions.  It ensures the married couple never forget those perfect moments from their day. And when a couple are looking at their finest isn’t it absolutely necessary to make sure there is a perfect record of it?!


Where in the British Isles does Glimmer Pictures cover?

Glimmer Pictures is based in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands but offer nationwide coverage. Travel expenses may be required if the distances involved are significant or require an overnight stay.


How long after the wedding will you receive the film?

The film will take up to eight weeks to edit and author to a professional DVD/Blu-Ray. The edit is where the highest level of professionalism and craft are required in order to ensure the film is perfect.


Do we have to wear microphones?

Sound is incredibly important. No matter how visually superb the film is, if you can’t hear what’s being said throughout the service and speeches a huge part of what makes the film special has been lost. Glimmer’s policy is to place a discreet radio mic on the groom to record the bride, groom and officiant. No-one will even notice it’s there. In addition, we discreetly position two digital recorder boxes in the venue to ensure nothing is missed and everything is crystal clear.


Will our film be in high-definition?

Glimmer Pictures films are always shot in full glorious 1080p HD. Couples receive their film on an HD Blu-Ray disc or on a standard definition DVD. Since it will have been shot on HD cameras, the film will look superb regardless of format choice.


What equipment will you use for my wedding video?

Glimmer Pictures’ broad arsenal of professional broadcast-standard equipment is amongst the most technologically advanced available. We shoot on the Canon 5D mkII. It is a fantastic camera (the finalé of ‘House’ was shot entirely on 5Ds don’t you know!) It gives a superb cinematic quality to the image but is incredibly compact.

*Note to techies: If you have any specific questions please get in touch. I love talking technology and, bless her, my wife prefers to talk about shoes and hairstyles and what not – so I don’t get as much chance as I’d like!


How intrusive are the cameras?

Glimmer Pictures’ policy is to blend in as much as possible, and remain unobtrusive to the marrying couple and their guests and photographers. Our style is very much reportage, especially during the key parts of your day.

We use high-end yet extremely compact HD cameras and professional, discreet sound recording equipment to make sure the day is captured perfectly and without disruption.


Will the church/venue allow filming?

This is something the couple will have to check with the church or venue. It’s very unlikely they will not allow cameras but they may wish to impose certain restrictions. Of course, Glimmer Pictures is more than happy to work in whatever way is appropriate.


What music will be used to enhance our film? 

Anything the couple wants. They should have a think about their favourite songs and what they would like to include. It’s always good to have a wide selection that represents their personal taste. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all love songs and the lyrics don’t have top be too literal.  Through Steve’s TV contacts, he is able to obtain instrumental versions of many tracks although these tend to be more modern. He can discuss this in more depth at the time. The price for every package includes any music licensing.


How should clients pay?

Glimmer Pictures accepts payment by cheque, Paypal or good, old fashioned cash money. A £250 deposit is required to secure a booking, followed by the remaining payment a month prior to the wedding date.


What will the camera operators wear to the wedding?

Glimmer Pictures’ people will wear smart, low-key suits and ties or dresses. Of course if the client wishes them to wear something particular, they should rest assured that they can be accommodated- though no pyjamas. And no, not the panto horse gear! Not again. Never.


Do you have insurance cover?

Of course! We have £1 million public liability insurance.