Welcome to Glimmer Pictures, where your finest hours are perfected in film.

Glimmer Pictures was created by Steve Ralston to elevate the wedding film genre to celebrated new heights.

Having spent the past decade sharpening his skills at the top end of the relentlessly demanding television industry, it’s fair to say Steve now commands an experienced professional’s understanding of true quality.  Now, after much consideration, he has decided to channel his energy and the considerable expertise he has developed on many hit television productions, to bring something approaching the phenomenal to the world of wedding cinematography.

Having bases in both London and Birmingham has allowed Steve to work on an hugely eclectic range of shows and his epic showreel includes Strictly Come Dancing, Big Brother, Countryfile, Jamie Oliver’s American Road Trip and many others.


‘Hi, I’m the afore and oft mentioned Steve. I love my wife and kids, Glastonbury festival, the best music, TV and cinema and have only a very mild obsession with breakfast cereal. To be fair, I’m mildly obsessed with almost everything I do so I can’t help but put an enormous amount of heart and soul into whatever I create. Fortunately this helps ensure that clients love our films just as much as I love making them.

‘I’ve had an absolutely incredible time in the TV industry over the last decade, during which I’ve come to appreciate that film-making is a passion, an art and a true labour of love. And yet it’s also amazing fun and that’s something that should never be undervalued! My continuing challenge with Glimmer Pictures is to craft your film in such a way as to capture something beautiful and unique, and always fun. 

‘It helps enormously to be able to draw on many years of production and post-production experience. And being blessed with state-of-the-art broadcast equipment also does much to allow me and the rest of Glimmer Pictures’ people to capture the vibe of your occasion and to tell your story with professional wisdom and personal empathy.

‘Our works are entirely bespoke. This means a Glimmer Pictures film will always be perfectly tailored to your unique requirements, whether your preference is for something astonishingly modern and contemporary or, instead, to capture something timelessly elegant.

‘Regardless of your favoured style, Glimmer Pictures boasts a compact team of specialists who dedicate their formidable talents to creating a unique film that you’ll always treasure.’

For a full list of my TV credits please click here to view my LinkedIn profile